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Subject: RE: UKNM: Dot Com Fever
From: Robin Edwards
Date: Tue, 4 Apr 2000 17:22:40 +0100

I think this will be a thread that runs for a while...

Personally I was pleased that the programme was fairly impartial, and even
asked the right questions every now and then, given the opportunity to tar
us all with the same brush that must have been tempting the programme
makers from the very moment they came up with the idea.

Do Clickmango.com seriously think that profitability in 5 years is likely?
It is fine to plan for that on the grounds that you have no competition. A
lot can happen in 5 years (c.f. Amazon.com), and I wouldn't be surprised if
a market leading bricks 'n' mortar company decides in a few months time
that it would like to own that market online as well, and there goes the
first mover advantage. Hell, given my background I could even give it a
shot myself :o)

The young guys were hilarious, and I seriously feel sorry for any VCs today
- they will be inundated even more than they currently are! Did they
actually get any funding? I was playing tetris at the time and only half
heard their celebratory speech at the end.

I think we will start to see a mirror of the US situation whereby people
are playing down the dot-com name to avoid being seen as a company that has
no facility for making a profit in its business plan. A lot of private
investors will have had their fingers gently warmed by the Lastminute.com
scenario, and will be wary of sending off 500 quid again in case they do
get 500 quid's "worth" of shares next time around. No problem for
Lastminute.com though (hi Brent) as they raised the necessary spending
funds at the time of flotation, so the share price dip is probably just an
irritation rather than a signal to line up at the cliffs of Dover for a
mass ropeless bungie jump.

Overall though the program was a bit short on real content, and I would
love to see a fully researched and in-depth view that was low on
sensationalism, but obviously that doesn't make for great TV. I'd like to
see a poker game between some of the paper-rich "youngsters" and Posh 'n'
Becks. Wouldn't last very long would it?

Hey, great PR for those companies involved in the prog though!


Robin Edwards
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On Tuesday, April 04, 2000 10:36 AM, Glen Collins
[SMTP:glenatdigital-outlook [dot] com] wrote:
> What did we all think of the programme then?
> I particularly liked the 3 chaps who were looking for ?0.5m funding for a
> mainstream, b2c & b2b renting & selling property web service, who stated
> a presentation to a VC that the ?0.5m seed financing would fund all the
> online and offline marketing / development.

[Sam says: msg chopped...]

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