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Subject: UKNM: Re: UKNM Digest V1 #446
From: Simon Stokes
Date: Fri, 7 Apr 2000 00:48:06 +0100

I'm a bit dismayed at the abuse these guys are getting. I've always thought
the difference between a good business idea and a good business is getting
out there and doing it. They're doing it. I'd be interested to know how
many people (who having a dig here) aren't?

And if you are, have you got backing/a successful business? (If you
haven't, get your green goggles off & get off the mark - they're faster than
you are.) (If you have, be delighted that your competition may be of a
pretty questionable quality.)

Surely, particularly in the current climate of bubble-leakage, we are the
faithful and should be pushing encouragement of the industry. Sure, if
these guys are naive as they seem they may contribute to a bubble burst, but
(a) who's funding them? (b) they'll be first to the wall (if they're really
bad, not just edited that way).

What we should be questioning is the impartiality of the worst Panorama I've
ever seen? Biased scare-mongering. It terrified me - I'd rather have been
a witch with a damp ducking-stool in the dark ages than be associated with
the views of that programme.

Not because I thought it was/might be right (computer screens will rain to
the ground and they'll be gnashing of teeth), but because they forgot the
mention a single iota of success, positive contributions to society or good
future prospects (like b2b). I can't believe the BBC would publish this
kind of blinkered doom-mongering - I'll be watching "When good pets go bad"
from now on...much more rounded viewing.

And another thing...oops...time's up.

Simon Stokes
TEAM LGM marketing communications

> I particularly liked the 3 chaps who were looking for 0.5m funding for a
> mainstream, b2c & b2b renting & selling property web service, who stated
> a presentation to a VC that the 0.5m seed financing would fund all the
> online and offline marketing / development."
> [Sam says: msg chopped]

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