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Subject: UKNM: Harvard Business School / Martha Lane Fox
From: John Braithwaite
Date: Fri, 7 Apr 2000 16:01:01 +0100

Firstly - it was an interesting evening at the forum last night. There were
a load of suits and a panel of 'netties'. OK so the panel had two Internet
VC'ers and two startup founders/CEOs. Basically it proved that there were a
lot of people who should know better who didn't really have a clue about
what was being discussed.... eyeballs? Page Impressions? etc.

One line summed it up, a 'suit' asked one of the VC-ers whether the bubble
was going to burst because many sites only had revenue through advertising
and sponsorship and the spend/value on this would only go down (??), the VC
replied that he thought it would go up as targeting improved and the
messages got closer to what the customer was interested in. The 'suit' then
asked whether this was pure speculation and the VC said:

"that's why you're there and I'm standing here"

Needless to say it got a little heated after that.

Secondly - for those that peruse Metro on occasion, if you want some proof
of the media bias here you go:

TITLE: "My reputation is ruined, says Fox"

Text: "One of the women behind lastminute.com yesterday admitted that her
reputation had been smashed by the Internet firm's stockmarket performance.
M L-F broke her three-week silence after shares plummeted from 555p to well
below their issue price of 380p.
'You have the stock market doing one thing and your business doing another,'
she said, 'It's been exhilarating and exhausting. There are lots of things I
would do differently every single day.' But she claims that she was not
upset by the shares' performance and that lastminute.com would rally and
live up to it's promises.
'I love lastminute.com and we have worked very hard to build it up'.

So where did the title come from?

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