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Subject: Re: UKNM: Dot Com Fever
From: Quentin Langley
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 11:37:24 +0100

Now, this is just silly. What on Earth do you mean by
saying that all businesses will be "e-businesses"?
What do you mean by the term? If you mean that they
will be operating in a wired world, then of course
they will. But when most people use the term they are
thinking of something more specific: an organisation
that delivers its service principally by electronic

If a hairdresser allowed you to book an appointment
online and sent the stylist around to see then I
suppose that would make it an e-business, even though
the actual cutting would be by conventional means.
Tescodirect is an e-business. But I doubt that most
hairdressers, prostitutes, pubs or gyms are going to
operate on this basis.

--- Ray Taylor <rayateyeconomy [dot] com> wrote:
> <Speechradataol [dot] com> said:
> >>Let's get this point absolutely straight. All
> business will be e-business
> >>in a matter of years.
> > Pubs, hairdressers, grasscutters, cinemas,
> restaurants, milkmen,
> gardeners,
> > butchers, bakers, candlestick makers, they're all
> going to be e-businesses
> > are they?
> YES!
> > They might have a website but that don't make 'em
> e-businesses - they also
> > have telephones, it don't make 'em call centres.
> Obviously. They may or may not have websites, they
> may or may not have
> call-centres, but they WILL be e-businesses. Mark my
> words. It's the future
> we are talking about, not this week.
> > Get things in perspective, some people will always
> prefer to do business
> > face
> > to face. Personal contact with customers and
> like-minded people is still
> > important to some people.
> Again, this is obvious. But who said that creating
> an e-business involved
> shutting yourself up behind a concrete wall and
> never meeting people face to
> face? Not me.
> > Sure the world is changing but somethings are
> resitant to change for good
> > reasons.
> Just like people are resistant to using mobile
> phones. But has anyone
> noticed how that resistance is starting to break
> down now that idiot John
> Major has gone back to playing cricket? Once people
> catch on, the resistance
> to the electronification of business will start to
> be the exception, not the
> rule.
> > Why do many Internet businesses locate in London
> when apparent
> > logic dictates that they could work from a any
> location with good
> > communication facilities?
> What's that got to do with the price of fish?
> Ray Taylor

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