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Subject: Re: UKNM: BOOB
From: Sheema Gulab
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 1999 15:33:37 +0100

Hi Tim

Hope this helps see you there.... blah blah


Think of a place where you can drink till you drop*Think of a place where everyone is just as gone as you* Think of drinks promotions*


Yes, it's that time of month again! Boob Night Promotions are proud to announce that the imaginatively titled Boob Night 9 hits The Media Club once again on Thursday 5th August. Do we have special promotions for you? You bet!

Happy Hour: For those of you lucky enough to sneak out of work early, ALL drinks will be served at half-price between 6pm and 7pm!
Beer Special: 50p off ALL bottled beers ALL night!
Cocktail Bar: You name it, they make it!
After Hours: Half-price guest list at Legends nightclub.

OK, you should all know the drill by now, but for those who don't, here goes:
Please RSVP to boobnightattalk21 [dot] com. Because The Media Club is a private members club, we need to know numbers. Remember that capacity is limited, so it's first come, first served. Please indicate if you wish to take advantage of the Legends offer. Feel free to circulate this to all your colleagues; Boob Night is for new media people by new media people, whether you're a tekkie or suit. We don't care what you do so long as you're involved in new media and you have a good time at Boob Night.

Once again, many thanks to The Media Club for hosting Boob Night 9. See you there!

Boob Night 9,
Thursday 5th August 1999,
The Media Club,
The Media Centre,
151 Great Titchfield Street,
London W1P 8AE

Sheema Gulab
4th Dimension Communications
29-55 Gee Street
London EC1V 3RE


Online Marketing Account Manager

>>> "Tim Ireland" <timatdesignercity [dot] com> 02/08/99 13:14:30 >>>
Pardon me for being a stranger in a strange land, but could I please get
some more details about Boob 'parties'?

(I asked around Soho, but got more than I bargained for...)

Tim Ireland
Senior Copywriter
Email: timatdesignercity [dot] com
URL: http://www.designercity.com

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  UKNM: Brighton Boob!, Tim Ireland

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