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Subject: Re: UKNM: CommerceNet?
From: Neil Ellul
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 1999 21:22:51 +0100

Clay / Steve

Thank you both for your insightful comments, even if they are a little

>> Anybody know anything about this "scheme"? Or CommerceNet? And is this
>> as much of a bald-faced grab to badger merchants into paying in for a
>> worthless kite mark as it seems?

If you had bothered to look into this, you would have seen that the
Internet Marketing Project has little to do with developing kite marks.

ComerceNet Members are looking to formulate viable "processes" for
ecommerce development. The only logical way to do this is to talk to the
companies using these processes and have the industry agree the minimum
quality levels it is prepared to endorse.

>Still the best 'best practice' code available is the IMRG's

While IMRG's code is a very worthwhile document, I tend to think its better
to develop best practice through experience, discussion and practical
implementation rather than just making it up and attaching a pretty logo.

>There are no costs associated with using the code (so long as you don't
want to wear the IMRG's 'kitemark')

We won't be charging for a logo as there is little value in that. There may
well be varying charges for the accreditation process itself (depending on
what level is sought), but this will not be a commercial activity on
CommerceNet's part (being a non-profit organisation). CommerceNet Members
will decide any charges and how they will be implemented.

Personally, I would like to see the project concentrate on an entry level
that is accessible to the smallest of companies. There are many new media
companies going out of business due to market forces, however, it is their
customers that are getting screwed along the way.

Conversely, larger companies do find value in accreditation processes, and
there will be a "framework" developed for them also. This end of the
accreditation will go in to great detail with regards to best practice,
training, policing of "other" kit marks (Date Protection etc) and liability.

>The barrier to ecommerce is *starting* the consumer relationship. Once
someone has had a good >experience - Amazon, Travelocity, anywhere - they
no longer need to be sold on the idea of >ecommerce generally

That is total rubbish. Because a consumer has a good experience with
Amazon, doesn't mean they are an ecommerce devotee for life. A consumer's
impression of shopping online is only as good as their "last" transaction.

It only takes one bad experience to put consumers off permanently, and lets
face it, most of what happens online is "often" a bad experience.

IMHO, it is naive to think that online retailers will develop best practice
because they are nice people. The brands that concentrate on customer
services will do better, but there will be many more people doing it wrong
in the meantime.

>I do like the idea of a checklist of 'evolved common sense',

Glad to hear it, because that is exactly the purpose of the project,
although we are trying to push the "evolution" a bit faster.

>but I'm guessing that CommerceNet is trying to turn that into a revenue stream
>with this cloaked-in-secrecy plan of theirs

Hmmm!!. By "cloaked-in-secrecy" I presume you mean (Clay) you haven't read
it properly.

We did send the project plan out under NDA to non-Members, but that was
purely to focus the minds of the people reading it. In other words, they
had to commit to looking at it before we sent it to them. This has made for
very productive meetings, and I am glad we did it this way.

BTW its at http://www.q4.com/cnet.objects/ExtObj-1/CNUK5003-IMPProjPlan.pdf
for all to see.

(Note: be gentle with it as our new site is still in beta. Also, it only
really works with IE4+ at the moment)

And did anyone tell you that the accreditation is going to be branded as
"CommerceNet"? I'd like to know if they have, because that hasn't been
decided yet!


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  Re: UKNM: CommerceNet?, Clay Shirky

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