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Subject: UKNM: bluedragon
From: Giles Turnbull
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 1999 00:32:44 +0100

Tim wrote:
I don't believe it - Blue Dragon just turned up in this week's edition of PA
WebChoice - check with the following listing:

"BLUE DRAGON - Far eastern food suppliers Blue Dragon offer a nice selection
of recipes on their bright, breezy, friendly site"


Tim Ireland

I picked up the Blue Dragon URL from UKNM last Friday. Note that the Web
Choice recommendation is for the recipes, of which there is a nice
selection; not for the design, implementation, e-commerce readiness or
net-media-savvy of the site.

The sites we pick have to appeal to a very broad audience (eg Freeserve
users, TescoNet users). We don't always pick them for HTML perfection -
sometimes something as simple as a bunch of nice recipes is something that a
lot of people at home would just like to print out, or save to their hard

We mentioned Chopstix ages ago, incidentally.

Not that I feel I have to justify myself or anything...

:) - Giles
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  Re: UKNM: bluedragon, Paul Douglas

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