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Subject: Re: UKNM: CommerceNet?
From: Clay Shirky
Date: Thu, 5 Aug 1999 16:08:15 +0100

> >> Anybody know anything about this "scheme"? Or CommerceNet? And is this
> >> as much of a bald-faced grab to badger merchants into paying in for a
> >> worthless kite mark as it seems?
> If you had bothered to look into this, you would have seen that the
> Internet Marketing Project has little to do with developing kite marks.

If I had *bothered*? What do you think I'm doing posting to UKNM? The
original mail asked me to sign an NDA even to begin a discussion about
it - hardly an invite to open participation.

> ComerceNet Members are looking to formulate viable "processes" for
> ecommerce development. The only logical way to do this is to talk to the
> companies using these processes and have the industry agree the minimum
> quality levels it is prepared to endorse.

There is another logical way - capitalism. Businesses that serve their
customers will do well. Businesses that don't will tank.

Power has moved into the hands of the consumer, and businesses are
frantic to convince themselves that this doesn't mean what they think
it means, namely price transparency in increasingly commodified
markets, with subsequent downward pressure on margins. Your program is
like digital valium, designed remove this anxiety without affecting
the root cause.

Businesses don't know shit about 'minimum quality levels' - that
decision is in the hands of their customers. I guarantee you that a
day of walking corporate execs down to easyEverything at Victoria and
letting them watch real people use the net will outperform a month of
"formulating viable processes" as a way of imparting real information
about ecommerce.

> > The barrier to ecommerce is *starting* the consumer
> > relationship. Once someone has had a good experience - Amazon,
> > Travelocity, anywhere - they no longer need to be sold on the idea
> > of ecommerce generally
> That is total rubbish. Because a consumer has a good experience with
> Amazon, doesn't mean they are an ecommerce devotee for life. A consumer's
> impression of shopping online is only as good as their "last" transaction.

I would like to see any figures supporting this claim. I am sure that
this is what you would like to believe, but our experience in the
States suggests that you are wrong - once a person has crossed the
rubicon of buying online, further discrimination comes between
offerings, so that a bad experience with one merchant causes them to
switch merchants, but not to abandon online shopping.

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