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Subject: Re: UKNM: Repurposing text
From: Duncan Clubb
Date: Thu, 5 Aug 1999 19:00:02 +0100


We are currently extracting about 450 pages of text (an entire book) out of a
quark file for insertion into a database-driven web site. Having spent quite
a while looking at the options, we came to the conclusion that the only
sensible way to guarantee results was to do the bulk of the extraction work by
hand (not as onerous as it sounds!). The problem we found was that none of
the tools or quark extensions would generate html or html-friendly output in
quite the way that we wanted it - if we had used an automated system, we would
still have had to do a lot of hand cutting at the end. Thus, we are using an
intern to sit at a mac for a couple of days, cutting and pasting the relevant
text into a simple input form, which gets dumped into a database, and have
written a database application to generate the fully-formatted html that we
will serve on the web. We are, however, extremely fanatical when it comes to
having clean code on our sites - also, unless the original designer who
produced the quark files was thinking web at the time, then the page layout
may well be rubbish when rendered in html. If your requirements are not so
strict then some of the commercial quark extensions may help.


Carol Dukes wrote:

> Does anyone know of either any applications, or of any agencies, for
> repurposing fairly large quantities of Quark Express (and possibly
> Pagemaker) files into something more like HTML?
> Any thoughts greatly appreciated.
> Carol
> Carol Dukes
> carolatbtinternet [dot] com

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