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Subject: re: Re: UKNM: Repurposing text
From: Ben Scott-Robinson
Date: Mon, 9 Aug 1999 18:51:17 +0100

This is exactly the experience we had with converting a whole heap of translations into a resellers extranet. The code produced by automatic/WYSIWYG HTML generators tends to be ropey/extremely heavy (yes that includes Dreamweaver) at best, and totally unusable at worst. The best method is develop your 'apple/control c' skills and a well written, well commented template..


> ** Original Subject: Re: UKNM: Repurposing text
> ** Original Sender: Duncan Clubb <duncan [dot] clubbatoffworld [dot] net>
> ** Original Date: Thu, 05 Aug 1999 16:55:30 +0100

> ** Original Message follows...

> Carol
> We are currently extracting about 450 pages of text (an entire book) out of a
> quark file for insertion into a database-driven web site. Having spent quite
> a while looking at the options, we came to the conclusion that the only
> sensible way to guarantee results was to do the bulk of the extraction work by
> hand (not as onerous as it sounds!). The problem we found was that none of
> the tools or quark extensions would generate html or html-friendly output in
> quite the way that we wanted it - if we had used an automated system, we would
> still have had to do a lot of hand cutting at the end. Thus, we are using an
> intern to sit at a mac for a couple of days, cutting and pasting the relevant
> text into a simple input form, which gets dumped into a database, and have
> written a database application to generate the fully-formatted html that we
> will serve on the web. We are, however, extremely fanatical when it comes to
> having clean code on our sites - also, unless the original designer who
> produced the quark files was thinking web at the time, then the page layout
> may well be rubbish when rendered in html. If your requirements are not so
> strict then some of the commercial quark extensions may help.
> Aye
> Duncan
> Carol Dukes wrote:
> > Does anyone know of either any applications, or of any agencies, for
> > repurposing fairly large quantities of Quark Express (and possibly
> > Pagemaker) files into something more like HTML?
> >
> > Any thoughts greatly appreciated.
> >
> > Carol
> >
> > Carol Dukes
> > carolatbtinternet [dot] com

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