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Subject: UKNM: Branding Hell...
From: Sam Michel
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 1999 12:59:21 +0100

I was leafing through last week's copy of Marketing, as you do, and noticed
how many Internet-related stories were featured. Perhaps it's been a while
since I last saw an issue, and they've been beefing up their coverage of
new meeeja issues. Interesting, but not the reason for this email.

They featured http://www.connectwomen.com from Cable & Wireless, which I'm
sure is a great service...but it struck me as I typed in the URL, that
there might not have been enough forethought about the choice...read as one
word, I managed to read it as:

connec two men

which I suspect wasn't the original intention. Then the espresso kicked in,
and it got me thinking about the difficulty working on Popcorn -
http://www.popcorn.co.uk (the day job, in case you didn't know) - finding a
name that immediately identified the product was tricky, finding one with a
domain name that was either available or buyable was a nightmare.

And then after all that, we had to think about how difficult it was to type
the damn thing, and how easy it might be for people to spell it wrong.
Tricky stuff. Is it this hard in conventional marketing to decide on a
brand name? Has anyone else spent sleepless nights coming up with their
killer brand name?

Strikes me, online there's a whole load of considerations in branding, on
top of what you'd face in the real world!

I'm off to work on my ulcer...

Toodle Pip

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