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Subject: Re: UKNM: Re: 324 tax on digital TV?
From: Tim Ireland
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999 20:51:08 +0100

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Subject: Re: UKNM: Re: 324 tax on digital TV?

> As a former BBC employee I think the sooner the dinosaur of the licence
> fee is abolished the better.

I have lived with the 'free market' system and it sucks! In the end, only
programs that make money *before* they are aired get made - thus, the
uncontrollable glut of 'lifestyle' programs in Oz. (A 'lifestyle' program is
a thinly veield infomercial pretending to be a travel/home/money advice

> The sheer waste and criminal inefficiency of this organisation has to
> be seen to be believed.

Yes, this is what needs to be fixed. Who was the f**king idiot who 'snapped
up' Vanessa?

> It needs a healthy dose of free market competition.

IMHO this will kill British television. You can already see the rot setting
in with the commercial stations 'poaching' formats (and talent) that have
been developed at the Beebs expense.

> Most will have seen the patronising arrogance of the corporation's own
> adverts for itself, their own products and its political defence of the
> licence.

I'll wear that criticism - but it is the lesser of two evils.

> On the rare occasions I watch television I choose Channel 4, rather the
> "human interest", animal hospital type nonsense which is nightly served
> up by the self-styled "Auntie Beeb'.

It is only because of the existence of the BBC (that goes for radio too)
that we have so much development in the UK. OK, so most of it is crap - but
that comes back to the nepotism and corruption thing. The only other
alternative is the commercial spiral. (For example, in 1997 the BBC
introduced dozens of new programs and formats. There was only *one* sitcom
produced in that year in Oz - and it was a revamp of a 20 year old dinosaur
not unlike 'Love Thy Neighbour'!)

> The web will kill television.

You're absolutely right. Incidentally, the world is a better place now
television has replaced radio. What an outmoded institution that was!!!

You guys have a good system - it is being wasted is all. (That, and they
won't look at my scripts...)

Tim Ireland
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