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Subject: UKNM: UKNM The Give Away Spree
From: thepartnership
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999 18:50:36 +0100

>And wouldn't it be good if they gave away the sega dreamcast...if they are
>getting ready to really kill of the competion they are getting from sony
>with the playstation...e.g you buy one game you get the dreamcast
>free..I mean if you rate each Net user at 500-1500 (what ever any one values
>them at) thats worth it..
A friend of mine has a new insurance based product, which would allow them
to achieve much the same affect at a fraction of the cost.

The product would allow them to say "We're so confident that we'll be the
ONLY player in the market in 10 years that, in the unlikely event that
we're not, we'll refund all the money you spent on the hardware *and*
games". Quite a powerful proposition and you don't need to write off the
cost of the hardware, just pay an insurance premium.

Kind regards

Russell Buckley
The Handling Partnership
Tel: 0171 350 1113 Fax: 0171 228 4340

russellatfulfilment [dot] net

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