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Subject: RE: UKNM: Dreamcast vs Playstation
From: Robin Edwards
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 09:28:40 +0100

Sega seem to have something of a history of pioneering something (Megadrive,
then Saturn) and having their corporate bottoms severely whooped by the
competition a few months later. It does seem this time around that the
stat-mongering that surrounded the launch of the 32/"64" bit consoles has died
down, presumably because no sooner have you put out a shoddy ad saying "64
bits, twice the power" or whatever, the competition announced some new
vapourware that took away all of the thunder. It is a very painful industry to
be in, and the Dreamcast software truly looks much better than the previous
generation consoles, but then we've all seen what PS 2 can do...

My prediction? Sony will well and truly trounce the Dreamcast early next year.
Sega will, again, have a few months to say "our new console is better than
anything else on the market" before being hammered into 3rd place by Sony and
Nintendo. Dreamcast sales in Japan have not been as impressive as expected, and
I can only assume people are waiting for Playstation 2.

Now if Sony would kindly confirm that PS 2 will indeed play DVD movies (it has
the power to, but they're a bit evasive when asked if it actually will) and
access the net, and if they'd just see fit to release a version that sits
nicely in the AV stack under the telly (i.e. front loading CD, looks more in
tune with the Amp, VCR and digibox) then I would be stunned if it failed to
storm to the top of the tree as with the Playstation.

Given that it is also supposed to have USB and Firewire ports, thus allowing
some form of high speed connectivity with a PC (with a big hard disk), they
would need their bumps feeling if they didn't incorporate an MP3 player to turn
it into the ultimate front room entertainment and communications centre.

Robin (available for wish-listing/consultancy if Sony are reading...)

On Wednesday, August 11, 1999 4:28 PM, matthewwatmaximtraining [dot] com
[SMTP:matthewwatmaximtraining [dot] com] wrote:
> I think the Dreamcast has a lot to offer, the opening range of games already
> looks impressive and easily outstrips the meagre offerings Sony gave us when
> it launched the Playstation. I also read that Sony were knocking off a
> further 20 pounds of the cost of a new Playstation down to around 70 pounds
> to help stave off the threat of the Dreamcast in the run up to Chrimbo. It
> does make you think though of the huge amounts of profit they must have been
> making initially when Sony were knocking Playstations out for 300 pounds a
> shot!

Robin Edwards
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