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Subject: Re: UKNM: CommerceNet?
From: Clay Shirky
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 11:02:18 +0100

> When I book a holiday I look for an IATA / ABTA travel agent.

But that just means you aren't much of a net user. When people book
online they look for travelocity or expedia, who offer direct
guarantees rather than using third parties.

> Unfortunately all it takes is for three people to write to the same
> newspaper with tales of woe about ecommerce, and that paper will
> splash scare stories for a week - reaching and influencing millions
> of readers. At this fragile stage in the market's development we
> just don't need it.

*Fragile stage*! Where are the figure you are deriving this from?
Ecommerce revenues are tripling every two years, a rate of growth
that exceeds that of the net population itself, which means that there
is an extremely low churn rate.

Unfortunately for CommerceNet, ecommerce is a lot like sex - the big
hurdles are all before the first experience, and people are apt to get
pickier about who they do it with as they go along, but once someone
starts, they're very unlikely to give it up altogether.

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