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Subject: RE: UKNM: Legal Question
From: Jeff Marshall
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 13:14:54 +0100

A related, but similar question, which has probably been discussed here
before I found the group. A client of mine wants us to use his competitors
names as part of the Search Engine registration. I explained this was
unethical and probably unwise, and that he should be positively promoting
his own products and services, rather than looking to "poach" punters
looking for his competitors. Further analysis though revealed that some of
his competitors were already using his name and trademarks in their search
engine keywords. What's the legal situation? Am I being too pure or naive?
Feel free to respond direct if this has been thrashed to death before.

Jeff Marshall (jeffmatwebs [dot] co [dot] uk)
WorldWide Web Services Limited
(a member of VIA Net Works Inc.)

Quick question on copyright issues.

If a site has a bunch of links and someone comes along and uses
the same links in another way, albeit the same subject matter - is
that an infringement of copyright? (I guess not, but would like to be

However if we find a commercial website of similar ilk to our own
(as we have), which because they have links which contain our
affiliate store codes (honest!) makes it pretty convincing they've half
inched from us - have they then infringed copyright and if so what
exactly is the best way to proceed (other than hoping they make
us a fortune through the affiliate link and laugh because we can't
actually believe people are so stupid!).



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