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Subject: Re: RE: UKNM: Dreamcast vs Playstation
From: Manou Marzban
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 16:14:01 +0100

Damian: Playstation 2 is slated to be out as early as...this Christmas. I think it will be more like Q1 or Q2 2000. This from an inside source. Regarding your doorstep Playstation, can I have it? Ill exchange it with my Sega Genesis, its a better doorstop. I have two TVs but one PS, and would love to play multi-link :)

PS: What happened to Trip Hawkins of 3DO (was it Trip Hawkins?)...I must admit, I have got my Panasonic 3DO wrapped-up and sitting next to my 1985 Apple Mac SE 30 (with internal HD!). One day, they will be worth...A MILLION DOLLARS (little finger nears corner of mouth, evil laughter emerges and tappers off.)

Mind you, 3DO was ahead of its time - for sure - at a time when most were 24 bit cartridge based systems, I could play superb games like FIFA and Need for Speed, with superior graphics, listen to CDs and it DID look good with my AV unit. Why did it have to die such a slow, painful death? I am actually writing a piece on it and your opinions will be appreciated.

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