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Subject: Re: UKNM: Sega introduces SEAMAN
From: Manou Marzban
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 18:20:04 +0100

I just picked this up...

[TOKYO (AP) - The mysterious fish with a human face pops onto the TV
monitor, swims up lazily and asks for your birthday. Answer late July, and it drawls: "Leo, huh? The type who likes to play leader?" The verbose smart aleck is "Seaman," the new Japanese hit video game for the Sega Enterprises Dreamcast machine arriving at U.S. stores Sept. 9. The Tokyo manufacturer is counting on solid Dreamcast sales in the U.S. to hold its ground against Sony Computer Entertainment and Nintendo Co. in the heated competition over the world game-machine market. Popular games are key to boosting machine sales. And "Seaman" appears to be the hit Sega has been desperately waiting for.]

Seaman???!? Are they serious??! Why not 'Fishy' or 'Codbod' or 'Gillsy'...SEAMAN? Can you imagine...kids being kids (and some of us)...NOT taking the mickey! If Sega has been *desperately* waiting for 'Seaman' to succeed, things look worse than I expected.
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