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Subject: Re: Re[2]: UKNM: Sega v Nintendo v Sony
From: Manou Marzban
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 1999 16:42:05 +0100

James wrote:

[He with the best content will win.]

What do you mean by content? Do you mean support sites on the web? Or games, which is what I think you mean.-

[The developers will decide. Sega have a leg up in this area due to the similarity of the Dreamcast architecture to that of the PC.]

How is that a 'leg up'? As someone else commented on this issue, why and how is that such a huge selling point. People want their console video machines to be different...feel different...seem different than their PCs.

[Sony's current massive market dominance means nothing].

You cant be serious with that comment...means nothing!?! Zilch? Zero? Nada? I know Nintendo lost the lead, as did Atari in the 80s, but that was due to very poor business strategy, and especially with NIntendo, their insistence to work with a limited number of developers and sticking to Cartridge based games that were far more expensive than CDs. Sony has been a market leader in electronics for yonks...because they dont make silly mistakes...why now?

[This is a notoriously fickle industry and Sony's current position is very flaky as it rests purely on hype rather than substance.]

Sony cannot be number one based on hype...look at the market share numbers globally, hype alone would not sustain such a gap between them and others. Plus, look at the software developers, like EA. Their FIFA series has had brand loyalty up the kazoo, they released three versions in 1998, and all were top sellers. Even games like International Soccer, that is supposed to be better, cant touch the FIFA series. That's loyalty, and it exists with Playstation as well.

[The quality of most PS games is very poor, even those trumpeted as 'classics' (e.g. Tomb Raider, Res Evil, FFVII) really suck when compared to the cream of the big N's output]

Really? Every magazine and reviewer - globally - has written very highly of the 'classics', players themselves have been supportive and all you need is the see the fan-zines, fan-sites and fan-clubs to realise that they all can't be daft. Talking about the big N, try Fifa
98 on the big N and on Playstation. 32 bit superiority over 64 is evident. Try it...you'll be surprised :)

[All it takes is a few more educated consumers to swing the balance, I know many people who've already moved. Sony need to learn how to handle quality as well as quantity or they could be out of the race.]

James...I really doubt it. When playstation 2, with DVD, net access and backwards compatibility hits the market, and has all the attributes of Dreamcast and Nintendos new machine...Playstation will retain and enhance its marketshare. Wanna bet a machine on it?
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