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Subject: UKNM: The interesting thing about this games debate...
From: John Braithwaite
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 23:13:22 +0100

... is how territorial people can be about their systems (past, current
or future!).

[People who can't be bothered with the 'gaming' chat, don't bother with
this one.. ]

And... lo and behold, we have someone from a PC magazine extolling the
virtues of... surprise, surprise... PC gaming.

The truth is that PCs are expensive and are not built to play games on
(get a card / chip for this, a special pad for that, a plug-in for this
etc.), people buy PCs - sure, but generally the gaming aspect comes
after the purchasing decision (ooops - an assumption, no facts, anyone
got any evidence to prove otherwise?).

A console is cheaper - designed with a comfortable pad to fit snugly in
the hand, you use the TV (usually the largest screen in the house) and
you can sit on the sofa.... IDEAL!!

There is little doubt that Sony will continue its dominance of the
market with it's next system. However I would like to bring into
question its software: In 90% of cases it is sub-standard and in the
other 10% only a small fraction are 'killer apps'. Sure Tomb Raider was
popular, for a couple of outstanding reasons (don't snigger), but it was
a poor game - I played it and got bored quickly. Driver is another
over-hyped (and well marketed) game that is good, but not amazing.
Perhaps the only exception to the rule is Gran Turismo - but that
requires patience and, in fact, doesn't fit into the 'casual gamer'
model that Playstation is really king.

Someone mentioned how much better FIFA 98 was on Playstation than
Nintendo - it's still streets behind ISS on Nintendo... most impartial
magazines admit this (I only read EDGE as the rest are puerile and
generally give anything published for their console over 80% marks).
Also ISS on Playstation is a completely different game than the Nintendo
version (and much worse for the changes).

The *real* gamer will only decide, perhaps, 10% of the market. The rest
is loaded with marketers' dream customers: 'Can I have the latest Tomb
Raider/FIFA/almost the same as the original/ etc. game and here's the
full price because I have to have it now, and not in two months time and
the adverts are really eye-catching so it must be good'.

As for Dreamcast - I wish Sega luck although, unfortunately, most of the
first selection of games have been given a bit of a panning.


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