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Subject: Re: UKNM: The Travel Inn Cacophany
From: Craig Pickup
Date: Wed, 02 Dec 1998 16:56:44 +0000 (GMT)

Tom Hume wrote:

> I'd be interested to hear more specific details about the broken links. As
> for inappropriate survey demands - we have for the last week been running
> a survey on the site to get some more feedback from users in preparation
> for the redevelopment. This is only a temporary arrangement, the survey is
> short (if you do feel like filling it out) and in a separate window (easy
> to close if you don't). There's also a cookie set there so you won't be
> bothered by the survey again - whether you fill it out or not.

Having just looked around the site I would say that it is not brilliant and can
be difficult to pin point the exact information wanted nor does it actually
describe in any detail the hotels. It certainly does not "sell" Travel Inns

I would comment on the survey form mentioned. It would be interesting to see
what percentage fill it out - I would expect extremely few first time punters
would complete it especially as it is the first thing you get when logging onto
the site. As it appears that it sets a cookie (if enabled) to prevent it
reappearing then unless it is filled out there and then it is unlikely ever to
be filled out as you would not be able access it once closed. Alternatively if
cookies are not enabled it appears everytime you load the home page, which
actually is not that often as there is no link on the site to it. It is also,
IMO, a badly laid out and designed form. Not least it asks for your personal
details if you want Travel Inns to contact you but provides no facility to
specify what you would like them to contact you about.

On the subject of contact, there appears to be no email address anywhere on the
site. The only other way to contact them online is through "fully" completing a
form with all your personal details - even if it is just to mention a problem
with the website. It is no wonder the majority of feedback has been positive -
Those with non-positive feedback are unlike to want to provide full personal

The site certainly is far from customer oriented.

Craig Pickup
Digitrade Ltd
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