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Subject: UKNM: 50+ Campaigns on one portal !
From: Dave Barker
Date: Fri, 04 Dec 1998 16:29:29 +0000 (GMT)

I am told that UK online advertising revenues should reach around 15m
in 1998 and that cost per '000's are running at circa 15 - 20.
I am also told that Excite are running in excess of 50 campaigns at any
one time.I assume that MSN, AOL,Yahoo, Lycos,UK Plus, etc would all
claim similar successes. This is fantastic and proving that the medium
is gaining respect amongst marketeers.

However if all these companies are carrying circa 600 campaigns per
annum what on earth is being charged per campaign - surely either 15 -
20 per 000 is too high or 15m is very low.

David Barker
Business Development Manager
0171 386 3681


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  Re: UKNM: 50+ Campaigns on one portal !, Evan Rudowski

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