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Subject: Re: UKNM: 50+ Campaigns on one portal !
From: Evan Rudowski
Date: Fri, 11 Dec 1998 10:26:58 GMT

Hardly right. What it means is that, on the whole, a given advertiser is
likely to elect to spend more with Excite than with a competitor. They do
this because they expect that Excite will deliver a better result. Spending
more with a given advertising vehicle is not something that happens to an
experienced advertiser, it's something they elect to do after evaluating
the alternatives.

Excite does better on a corporate level because it is a more efficient
vehicle than its competitors in delivering for its advertisers. We generate
more revenue on average per page because those pages deliver more targeting
with less waste and therefore are worth more to an intelligent advertiser
with specific objectives.

If you believe all pages are equal on any site, then by all means go for
quantity rather than quality and when it's all added up, you will be able
to proudly say that you bought more pages somewhere for less money. But at
some point don't forget to measure effectiveness.

Evan Rudowski

At 10:50 10/12/98 +0000, Simon Tracy wrote:
>At 21:33 04/12/98 +0000, Evan Rudowski wrote:
>>We think Excite will get a reasonable piece of that (worldwide Excite
>exceeds all of its >competitors in revenue per page, revenue per advertiser
>and revenue per registered
>>user). It would be interesting to see where the rest is going.
>The implication, it would seem, for new advertisers is to avoid spending
>our money on Excite where we would spend more money for less users on fewer
>Have I got this right?
>And does anyone have a more tempting offer?
>Simon Tracy
>Tel: 01278 786472
>Fax: 01278 786471
>Email: simon [dot] tracyatwebwyrd [dot] com

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  Re: UKNM: 50+ Campaigns on one portal !, Simon Tracy

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