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Subject: Re: UKNM: Significant Event of the Year
From: Stephen_Masters
Date: Tue, 15 Dec 1998 20:16:03 GMT

Er ... don't forget the first commercial sponsorship of a UK online
marketing discussion group. That was pretty significant, eh Sam ??

steve masters
vnu new media

Sam Michel <sam @ chinwag.com>
15/12/98 14:10

Please respond to uk-netmarketingatchinwag [dot] com

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cc: (bcc: Stephen Masters/VNUBPL/UK)
Subject: UKNM: Significant Event of the Year

Hi All...

Every media outlet seems to have gone into their annual frenzy of awards
and I was wondering what list folks thought were the most significant
events in new media land in 1998. Here's just a few random thoughts...

* Freeserve coming from nowhere to be one of the major forces in the UK's
* AOL finally buying CompuServe.
* The Justice Dept. investigating Microsoft reported to the point where
reader's didn't (or is that just me?)
* Netscape succumbing to the inevitable, divvied up between AOL/Sun.
* Sky Digital, OnDigital & (digital cable) launching digital interactive
TV...if you can get a box.
* First dedicated TV ads appearing in the UK for websites.
* First dedicated cinema ads appearing in the UK for websites (vested
interest declared!)

...that's all I can remember (still feeling the effects of last night's
office Xmas do), what's your vote for the biggest event(s) of 1998? Has
anything actually changed? What do you think?

Toodle Pip

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