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Subject: Re: RE: UKNM: re: uknm: targetted email capaigns.
From: Manou Marzban
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 1999 17:07:30 GMT

Simon wrote:

"I would also argue that buying a list, and using it as a basis for a more permission based email list is an extremely cost effective way of marketing a new site. If an email is deleted straight away, or kept, used, and read must depend on the initial impact of the title".

I am slightly confused...what do you mean by a 'more permission based email list'? Buying a list of email addresses, you will agree - does not qualify that list as a 'permission' marketing list. Unless the list is from an opt-in database (with data on individuals and their interests) - and includes 'permission' from those on the list to receive direct emails on certain products and services - you would be spamming.

Does such an opt-in list exist? I do recall OFTEL asking for bids from data/information management companies to develop such a database - for the UK. That was last summer and we even had a discussion on it on this forum. If such a database is yet to be developed - then you must be very careful. Most email lists currently do not have any facet of 'permission' marketing installed - so how you can use such lists for 'more permission based email' escapes me.
Using a data capture forms - which many services to - can create a more agreable situation for creating banner ads for audiences with specific interests. These forms can also be used to develop opt-in lists. But most firms that initiate such data capture forms for their own use, will not sell them off to third parties to use for direct email campaigns - out of fear of misuse. In my experience - those offering emai lists for direct mail - care very little about misuse and spam.

Finally, your "impact of title" concept is a worrying one too. If the targeted audience has not opted-in (given permission etc), how is the title going to help? By using catchy/flashy sales titles (ie "Huge discounts", "Sale of the Century", etc), you are not acting any differently than the junk mail we receive in the post - and once you become bombared with it - you actually abhor getting it. The danger here is that when an effective opt-in database is available, the audience may have become so abused by hyped direct emails - that they may opt-OUT of any future direct advertising on the Internet.
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