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Subject: Re: UKNM: free web-based email
From: jude robinson
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 1999 09:48:52 GMT

John Braithwaite wrote:
> Firstly - Ray, thanks for the tips. I am poised to make my first million!
> Secondly - The free web-based email that really caught my eye was something
> offered by Net Benefit (but under-marketed I feel!). You buy a domain name,
> say www.braithwaite.com (although this one is taken, unfortunately) and you
> create an email address. ie. johnatbraithwaite [dot] com. This is your email
> address for life.
> You have about three different mailboxes - one at work, one at home and one,
> say, for holidays (hotmail, yahoo etc.). You can repoint with about a couple
> of minutes work any mail going to johnatbraithwaite [dot] com to any of your
> mailboxes by visiting the site and changing the re-direct to email address.
> Also, you can add as many email addresses as you want. For example:
> daveatbraithwaite [dot] com etc.
> However this service is currently charged at the (ridiculous) rate of 15
> per month. It wouldn't be a service that Hotmail or Yahoo would want - why?
> Because it won't get 'em coming back to the site every time they want to
> check their in-box. However (you'll be delighted with this suggestion, Ray!)
> on a forwarding the company concerned could stick a banner/promotion in the
> email. Also, by profiling the customer on signing up, the customer would
> opt-in to receive emails etc.

This sounds *excellent*. I've heard you can do a similar thing with
websites as well - you buy the domain, and then it's your website..for
life! The marketing opportunities for this are immense - just imagine -
you could sell people domains on the understanding that anything they
put up there has to include your banners! Excellent! You could even make
them provide links to all your promotional powerpoint material. Wow! If
only I'd thought of doing this 5 years ago - just think if
Cnet/Amazon/Dell etc had bought their domain through my company. Oh
well, I'm sure there are lots of other amazing opportunities just around
the corner...

> Anyone else out there offer this product?


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  UKNM: free web-based email, John Braithwaite

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