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Subject: FW: UKNM: ecommerce Xmas wet dream or nightmare?
From: Bunder, Leslie
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 1999 11:11:12 GMT

'er and if you don't deliver before Xmas???? Alot of this rests with your
delivery company and indeed, more importantly having the goods in, in the
first place. If you don't deliver before Xmas, will you refund the customer/
give them a discount???

I ordered a copy of Sim City 3000 as a birthday pressie/Chanukah present for
my brother-in-law last week on Thursday hoping for dleivery by Saturday.
The online order status just said "processing" and nothing else, so I rang
up the firm in question who told me they sent me an e-mail saying it was out
of stock (of course, I never got that, but it could be done to my e-mail
provider, or maybe not...) and would be with me next week. Would I like to

Well of course, there was no point in cancelling, because then I would have
to order from another site and wait 48 hours or so for it to arrive, but
which time the original order would have arrived!

Anyway, thank god for Amazon, I ordered a copy of Weaving the Web by Tim
Berners Lee on Thursday afternoon and it was with me on Saturday morning!


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> Subject: Re: UKNM: ecommerce Xmas wet dream or nightmare?
> a colleague of mine spent over 200 at etoys over 3 weeks ago. Still
> waiting.
> And etoys is good.
> Seems to be symptomatic of the xmas period.
> *blatant plug* But noveltytogs will deliver before christmas *blatant
> plug*
> jo
> www.noveltytogs.com
> Jonathan Lumb <jonathanatsensei [dot] co [dot] uk> on 08/12/99 00:16:06
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