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Subject: Re: FW: UKNM: ecommerce Xmas wet dream or nightmare?
From: Jo.Bean
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 1999 16:47:16 GMT

the bunderman said...

>>Alot of this rests with your
>>delivery company and indeed, more importantly having the goods in, in the
>>first place. If you don't deliver before Xmas, will you refund the customer/
>>give them a discount???

Yes we'll refund. We'll even discount if we've taken too long.
If we're out of stock, the customer will be told and offerred either their money
back, or a substitute (with items like ours, one pair of simpsons boxers look
like another and this is largely accepted)

we're very very nice people :-)
but then, thats the beauty of being very small as well.


"Bunder, Leslie" <Leslie [dot] Bunderatinfospaceuk [dot] com> on 08/12/99 10:49:21

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