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Subject: UKNM: [Was 'ecommerce Xmas wet dream or nightmare?']
From: Richard Longhurst
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 1999 17:05:15 GMT

If eToys do have what you want, you then have to suffer the slings and
arrows of Parcel Force's inept delivery.

Parcel Force can't give you a time for delivery and can't even even narrow
it down to morning or afternoon. Their customer service centre is only in
contact with depots via e-mail, and they have no way of contacting drivers
until they return to the depot at the end of the day. Clearly, they've never
heard of mobile phones. The organisation is run for its own convenience, not
to provide good service customers.

Whinging aside, delivery is an issue that on-line shops have to take very
seriously. After a bad experience with Parcel Force last week, I shan't be
shopping at eToys again, unless it stops using Parcel Force. Drastic, but
bad delivery makes on-line shopping neither cheap, convenient or fast.

Richard Longhurst

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Subject: Re: UKNM: ecommerce Xmas wet dream or nightmare?

a colleague of mine spent over 200 at etoys over 3 weeks ago. Still
And etoys is good.
Seems to be symptomatic of the xmas period.

*blatant plug* But noveltytogs will deliver before christmas *blatant plug*


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  Re: UKNM: ecommerce Xmas wet dream or ni, Jo.Bean

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