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Subject: UKNM: E-Marketing tips and tricks
From: Dan Winchester
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 1999 16:47:38 GMT

I've just finished an xmas feature for UKShopSearch.com (
http://www.ukshopsearch.com ) called Under The Tree, which requires a
version 4+ browser:


My background is production really, but I need to market this feature
*quickly* using electronic means. What I would like advice on is:

1/ Is there actually anything of interest about this feature? I've used
some quirky DHTML which I think gives a cool effect, but then, I'm from
production so I'm easily impressed by these things! I've compromised
product info for example, which I imagine could render the feature as
value-lacking to some people.

2/ I realise there are news feed like moreover.com which harvest sites
for stories. Is there some generic body that I can inform about the
launch of my Xmas section, who will then pass this info on to whoever
may be interested, like the sites moreover trawl? Something like the
press agency I guess in conventional media. If not, why not I wonder,
and what would the potential be for starting something...

3/ I assume I'm too late for search engines...

Thanks for any advice! (I need it...)

Dan Winchester

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