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Subject: UKNM: Email etc.
From: John Braithwaite
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 1999 17:45:03 GMT

Now this is what I was asking for - cheers for the help, Marcus. It was not
a question of functionality or whether an ISP could do the job - but I
didn't want to go through the 'fax the ISP on headed notepaper and then
wait' mill or get involved in code and fiddling around in webspace.

By the way: NetBenefit do offer one more thing - wait for it - a domain name
(shock, horror!).

Oh - sorry that my emails on this subject seem to be time-lagged, it's just
that when I get the chance to respond to the digest version - the next one
arrives without my comments on it. Anyone know of any software that can send
emails back in time.

Also - for those that emailed me directly regarding Email marketing packages
for websites (personalised newsletters, competitions, sub, unsub, etc.)
there are two places I recommend visiting and having a look around:

First this page in Yahoo (for their list of these types of company):
And Lyris, looks like it's close to what I'm looking for:

> www.quickdomains.com (part of netnames) does the same thing $50 + nic fees

> and you get one years free e-mail and web forwarding. I've had my site
> registered with them for two years and it's never failed yet.
> marcus
> Marcus Austin - Senior Editor
> Internet Works

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