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Subject: UKNM: would anyone like to meet Monday?
From: Steven Carlson
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 1999 18:57:19 GMT

I'm in London next week - would anyone want to get together?

I'm an infrequent poster on UKNM. Many of you know me from my
work moderating Online Europe, and many of you participate on my
list, too. I live and work in Budapest, Hungary.

I'd enjoy the chance to meet some of you in person next week, and
to put some faces together with the names. I talked to Sam earlier
today and mentioned he'd also been thinking about organising a
UKNM get together at some point.

Why not next Monday?

I'm in town for a First Tuesday organisers' get together, so time
is rather limited. Monday would be the best option for me. Sam
warned me that this is Xmas party season, but suggested he could
make it, too.

Would anyone like to suggest a venue?

Steven Carlson
Online Europe moderator

Steven Carlson A conclusion is simply the place
Online Europe moderator where you got tired of thinking

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