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Subject: RE: UKNM: moreover.com
From: Toby Hopkins
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 1999 21:01:30 GMT

Nat Tunbridge asks this same question in Info World Review. The url is
http://www.iwr.co.uk/ but this month's issue doesn't appear to be up yet.
The gist seems to be that moreover is going to get publishers to pay them
for eyeballs. Ie the content providers will pay for providing content. Not
much hope with ft.com or Reuters, but there may be a lucrative market with
corporate publishers like investment banks. Nat is deeply skeptical about
the whole project, at least the money-making end of it..

Ian asks:
> Has anyone on the list worked out how moreover.com makes its money
> (enough to generate a couple of million in VC funding)?
> There's no advertising and no sign-up (so no revenue from selling
> lists). Does this mean they are charging the content provider for every
> "newsfeed" link to their site? Are people like 365 really paying to
> provide the content for another site?
> Ta.

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