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Subject: Re: UKNM: I have a friend...
From: py
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 1999 15:14:20 GMT

well money talks...

..if you have secured backing and have a marketing budget then all the big players (and some of the specalists) will want you talk to you.

the usual business balance applies to choosing an agency: risk vs creativity

the secret is finding a company that understands what you want and your target audience, look for people who can work with your other agencies (developers, PR, branding, off line advertising) and make sure they are people you like being with.

i'm sure ther is more but i'm off out for the evening...

making advances = making a phone call and saying "hello i am an internet start up and have 5 million pounds to spend on marketing"
track record = do they have one, are they working for competitors and can they learn from their mistakes...

personally i'd go for the nice people thing and avoid agencies that propose testing the response at launch - either they should know what they are doing or be proposing something mad that no-one has done before.

also think about splitting on and off line media planning (and amybe creative as well) it's just a different idea.

..good luck

paul youlten

> ...who's planning a large-scale UK internet startup. Where would one find
>the best marketing company with which to work? What's the protocol for
>making advances? How best to research such a company's track record? And
>what exactly do (and don't) you guys offer in the way of services?
>*Serious* business enquiry. Perhaps best keep blatant plugs off-list.

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  RE: UKNM: I have a friend..., Kyle MacRae

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