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Subject: Re: UKNM: [Was 'ecommerce Xmas wet dream or nightmare?']
From: Kirsty Darbyshire
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 1999 15:16:46 GMT

>...And having moved to a trendy warehouse
> conversion the new postcode we have been given doesn't even feature ("We
> only update once a year") so no-one can even find the place on a database
> because it doesn't exist of course....

Hmm, our brand new house appeared on Royal Mail's online
postcode lookup about a fortnight before we moved in (in June), and
I've watched the other houses in the road appear more or less as
they've been completed. The postcode had popped up the right
details on shop computers before it appeared online too. So that
does work sometimes!

> If you fancy chatting about sensible time order delivery I'd be delighted,
> otherwise e-commerce will end up as a damp squib.

Ability to inform the delivery company of your wishes for that
undeliverable parcel would be helpful. White Star gave me a card
once to mail back to them asking me to tell them whether I'd like
my parcels left: on the doorstep, with a neighbour, in the
greenhouse, taken back to the depot or whatever. They
subsequently ignored what I said however!

At the moment Parcelforce insist on leaving parcels at our local
post office, where we can't get them until a Saturday morning, if
they'd let me tell them that *for me* it would be easier to collect
them from the depot [12 miles from home, but 300m from my
office...] I'd be happy. In fact if I could tell every delivery company
to keep the goods at the depot and email me to tell me they've
arrived there to collect, I'd be very happy. Perhaps that rather ruins
the USP of a delivery company when their customers really want a
collection service!

The corner shop delivery and collection service sounds like a fine
idea to me - only I've never been at home when our local Spar shop
is open either!


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