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Subject: UKNM: Kozmo.com -- The new Blockbuster
From: Rod Begbie
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 1999 00:41:54 GMT

> New to the list, so not sure if this has been covered before, but does
> anyone know of anybody doing anything like Kozmo in the UK?
> and they deliver goods (CDs, Videos, etc) in *under an hour*!

As I type, I am awaiting the delivery of a rented copy of The Player, some
Pringles, some Ben'n'Jerrys ice cream, and the new Aimee Mann CD. If they
just delivered beer, I wouldn't have had to leave the flat at all this

The rental scheme is extremely interesting -- They deliver the video to your
door ("free" delivery, of course), then you return it a couple of days later
to one of the drop-off boxes they have spread out across the city. It's
great -- there's one 10 minutes away from the flat (two doors down from
Blockbuster), and another right round the corner from my work. They're
mostly situated in local cafes, the idea being that you might grab a coffee
from the nice shop-keeper while you're there.

And the prices are almost identical or cheaper than renting from Blockbuster
or wherever. They get lower overheads from not needing 20 brightly-lit
locations across town, you get the advantage of not having to walk out your
front door, and the instant(ish) gratification that is lacking from ordering
from Amazon.

They're in about 20 cities nationwide at the moment, while their only
competitor is NY only.


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