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Subject: Re: UKNM: Jungle.com
From: Mike Rich
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 1999 01:06:11 GMT

Hey - hey - I watch Watchdog - it has a warped entertainment value! -
and my only beef about e-commerce is that there is not enough of it!
- living in the sticks here and working from home - 12 miles to a Tesco! (no they
don't deliver!) - how else would you cope?

Think the Yalplay service - with it's order tracking - is great -
Blackwell's is superb (altho must admit to fondness for them from my penniless
days - like many another - used to read their books - carefully bookmark them and
return next day to continue) -
Interflora is good -
Technomatic and Novatech are incredibly reliable - and good at the tlc bit!

Never had a problem with White Arrow, Omega, etc., etc.(never had a broken
bottle!), and down here ParcelForce have improved beyond all recognition

So after that bit of pre - Christmas effusion - cheers!

Trevor May wrote:

> Unfortunately, Watchdog viewers are likely to be e-commerce prudes to
> start off. I'm sure they're very likely to confuse 'jungle.com is bad'
> with 'ecommerce is bad'. Another kick in the goolies for the UK e-christmas.
> Trevor.
> Mohammed Raja wrote:
> >
> > Did anyone see Watch Dog last night (9/12/99) ?
> >
> > Jungle.com was roasted for its poor handling of orders and customer
> > queries...Nah !
> >
> > If companies like Jungle.com want to be such high profile names, maybe they
> > should get the basics right i.e. if someone orders something, it would be a
> > good idea to deliver it !! ...once bitten twice shy.
> >
> > All new e-commerce sites...learn the lessons.
> >
> > Mo.

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