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Subject: Re: UKNM: Kozmo.com -- The new Blockbuster
From: Duncan Clubb
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 11:23:30 GMT

Lunch Online is one of mine and it no longer works - we did it three
years ago as an experiment but it failed to take off because the
sandwich bars involved all insisted on a 10 minimum order. That meant
that you had to order at least two or three lunches at a time, which our
logs and feedback indicated was stopping most people from placing
orders, although the level of interest was extremely high. The sandwich
shops were all recruited because they already offered a fax delivery
service, and that was where the min order amount came from.
Unfortunately, it proved to be too high for almost all of our users so
we stopped the service after a few months - the best laid plans...

Simon Bradley wrote:

> Already done in london. Check out
> http://lunch.online.offworld.co.uk/
> Ed Follows wrote:
> > > I wonder if any of the big high street
> > > retailers with an outlet in every town will apply
> > the 'takeaway food'
> > > delievery model (or similar) and apply with a
> > national ecommerce
> > > strategy? I notice I can order online at
> > http://www.domino.co.uk...
> >
> > A while back an old colleague (can't remember her name
> > now - only joking JD) mentioned that one of her mates
> > in the US had set up this take away company. Basically
> > you could call one number and they would take your
> > order for Thai, Pizza, Fish and Chips, Burgers, India
> > etc. and delivery it all within an hour - basically
> > acting as the middle man so the Take Away services
> > themselves would not necessary have to offer a
> > delivery service. Now that online would be bliss.
> >
> > Mmmm I wonder if . . . . .
> >
> > Ed
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  RE: UKNM: Kozmo.com -- The new Blockbust, Ed Follows
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