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Subject: UKNM: Amazon sued by Brit!
From: Tim Ireland
Date: Sat, 18 Dec 1999 19:20:06 GMT

>From PG news...

Amazon.com, the world's largest Internet retailer, is being sued by one of
the world's smallest publishers, Toby Press Inc.

At issue: whether Amazon.com is lying to prospective customers by stating a
book is unavailable, when in reality, it may be available, but not through

In its lawsuit, Toby Press says it has refused to sell any of the six titles
it publishes through Amazon.com, and instead is making them available only
through its catalog or Web site, www.tobypress.com.

But instead of telling customers that the books are available elsewhere, the
lawsuit says, Amazon.com is stating that it is out of stock and buyers
should check back in four to six weeks.

Full story at:

Tim Ireland
Senior Copywriter, Designercity (www.designercity.com)

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