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Subject: Re: UKNM: Wap Mad
From: Steve Johnston
Date: Fri, 24 Dec 1999 12:02:05 GMT

On 15/12/99, at 11:48, Chetan Damani wrote:
>This morning a sales person walked into my door, he had one of these Casio
>palm tops, plugged into his mobile dialing the companies Intranet and
>getting prices in real time.
>why do we need WAP ? - why the hype

It is very simple. There is no 'dialling'.
And I can get pretty excited about something as simple as that.

If you were starting a 'net' firm today, you'd be doing it in the mobile tech space, no doubt about it. This time around we must look East rather than West for our leading lights. In Japan, imode < imode.net > has 2 million wireless subscribers of one sort or another - PDAs, toys, etc. using its services. imode is effectively a competitor to WAP. They are some 18 months ahead of us. Sound familiar?

By the way, for anyone whose interested. I have resigned my post at Entranet to scratch the start-up itch. Nothing too crass, maybe even a surprise or two, you will be pleased to hear. More later. In the meantime, and to keep the children in Pokemon merchandise, I will be working independently as a consultant.

You can reach me here:
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  UKNM: Wap Mad, Chetan Damani

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