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Subject: Re: UKNM: Virgin Mobile was "Good News" UK e-commerce story?
From: Andy Stowell
Date: Fri, 24 Dec 1999 12:03:15 GMT


I have had a week of hassle from Virgin Mobile. Here is my story....I hope you
are reading Mr Branson!

A few weeks ago I decided to get a Virgin Mobile, as always Virgin entered the
market with a novel approach, which appealed to me, as did Virgins reputation for
customer service (apart from the trains). I have my mortgage with Virgin and
they have been excellent.

The phone I wanted was not yet avialable and as I was not in any rush I decided
to wait and let Virgin email me when the phone was in stock...so far so
good....last week an email arrived....your phone is in stock please visit the web
site to order it. Excellent! I thought, they have even managed to email me,
Virgin do care.

How wrong could I be? 2 days after receiving the phone it went wrong, no problem
I'll call them they'll send me a new one. Then the nightmare
started.......Virgin agreed to pick my phone up from my office and issue me with
a replacement. Now four days on, three hours of waiting on hold, 1 hour on the
phone to the delivery people - still no phone!!!

My last 2 minute conversation with Virgin Mobile (after waiting for 1 hour)
resulted in them assuring me that the phone would be delivered today sometime
between 8am and 8pm, I have been in all day waiting and waiting and waiting but
still no phone. Hey it's only 6pm still two hours waiting to go........

I don't even want the bloody thing anymore....

Stefan Magdalinski wrote:

> Chris Heathcote wrote:
> >
> > At 9:51 pm +0100 on 17/12/99, Tomski wrote:
> >
> > >..I remember someone looking for one a while back
> > >(15,000 online virgin mobile sales a month, at an average of 100UKP per
> > >phone, that's 1.5m UKP online sales in their first month, not including
> > >on-going subscriptions... bet their conversion rate is an order of
> > >magnitude better than boo.com's too, since the site does what it says on
> > >the box - sells phones)
> >
> > Don't talk to me about Virgin Mobile - they promise 24 hour delivery,
> > both on the site and in their paper brochures. 4 days of waiting
> > later, 2 hours of being on hold, and 5 calls to jovial but clueless
> > call centre minions,and they still couldn't organise delivery, and
> > wouldn't divulge the delivery company's number so I could physically
> > go and pick it up from them.
> >
> > So one cancelled order - and then walked into a Virgin Megastore and
> > managed to buy one in under 3 minutes.
> >
> > I only ordered over the Internet because they were offering free
> > insurance if you did - worth 20 pounds. If you offers deals like
> > this, they should make sure their fulfillment can handle it. Bah!
> >
> ::hangs head in shame::
> > On a happier note, Jungle have delivered my new digital camera 10
> > days earlier than they expected to have stock - (unexpected) result!
> >
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