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Subject: UKNM: The End For NT? (Was AOL advertising)
From: Sajid Mohammed
Date: Mon, 4 Jan 1999 17:05:41 GMT

---manouatpostmaster [dot] co [dot] uk wrote:
> Dee; reload win 95 or 98 and dump whatever you have currently running.

Reminds me of an old joke: I bought some software and it stated 'Use
Windows 95 or Better' - so I used a Mac instead. BOOM! BOOM!

Seriously, in the studio I work out of we have switched away from
Windows 95 as an OS for doing anything useful with. Graphics and the
like are still done on the Mac (which is reasonably stable now it's
running OS 8) and all our servers are now or very soon will be running
FreeBSD or Linux. Windows 95 still lingers on laptops but as soon as
it is practical, they will be replaced with some form of Unix such as

Result: servers that don't have to be rebooted once/twice a week,
faster performance from the machines themselves and hopefully a more
secure environment once we move away from NT completely as we won't be
vulnerable to cute viruses like the recent Remote Explorer.

Relevance to your customer: much of the momentum for porting
enterprise software such as Oracle & IBM's DB2 is actually coming from
the enterprise, not just the Open Source community. For example, a
tool like ASP2PHP can end your dependance on Microsoft's IIS (which
they want to charge for) and allow you to use free software that runs
faster and is bug-fixed quicker, as well as being more secure.

NT has a certain appeal as a solution for customers, but it is one
that is waning - especially as Windows 2000 will probably be renamed
Windows 2002 at this rate...

Are folks migrating from NT to BSD/Linux? Are IT-savvy clients going
to Unix to the detriment of NT?

Sajid Mohammed
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