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Subject: Re: UKNM: The End For NT? (Was AOL advertising)
From: Sajid Mohammed
Date: Mon, 4 Jan 1999 18:21:28 GMT

---Chris Locke <chrisatlondon [dot] virgin [dot] net> wrote:
> ummm . . . don't you/didn't you work for IBM?

I don't like to talk about it. Yes I do ATM, but not exclusively.

> do I sense a volte-face?

Needless to say, my views do not reflect those of Big Blue...if I was
called Lou Gerstner then you would have cause for concern.

For the record, IBM is touting itself heavily as a NT solutions
provider - but it is also allying itself to the Open Source movement
(porting of DB2 to Linux, release of it's XML & SET codebase by
IBM/Lotus to the developer community etc.) and is still plugging AIX &
OS/400 too as well as that heap of crap out of Redmond called Windows
95...the only way the multi-armed beast that is IBM could commit a
volte-face would be to get back into punch cards.

IMHO, Windows has had it's day - the future belongs to Unix and
Microkernel OS products such as OS/9 & VxWorks. As a Mac* fan of many
years standing, I never liked Windows much to start off with so not
much chance of a volte-face from me...

Sajid Mohammed

*It's rumoured that Apple will be sticking Linux onto Power Macs as a
dual-boot thingy with Mac OS X...the upcoming MacOS X Server is Unix
under the skin anyway...
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