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Subject: UKNM: Revolution's Top 100
From: Sam Michel
Date: Thu, 7 Jan 1999 11:26:19 GMT

Hi all...

So everyone knows who made it on to the list and who didn't (with Stovin's
permission) here's the full list...who should have made it on? who shouldn't?
what do you think?

Online services and media

Ralph Averbuch, Senior producer, Europe, Yahoo!
Tom Bowman, Advertising sales, MSN UK
Andrew Burke, MD, LineOne
David Clarke, MD, Virgin Net
Eddie Cheng, Director, new media services, Yellow Pages
Hugo Drayton, Marketing director, The Telegraph Group
Martin Dunn, Editor-in-cheif, Associated New Media
Carol Dukes, MD, Carlton Online
Mark Frost, Head of BBC Online
Roger Green, MD, EMAP Online
Mark Hird, Director, PA New Media
Richard Jones, Boss of FortuneCity
Judy Gibbons, Director, MSN Northern Europe
Douglas McCallum, Head of Capital Interactive
Bruce Lynn, UK manager, Microsoft WebTV
Paul Maidment, Editor, electronic publishing, Financial Times
Danny Meadows-Klue, Publisher, the Electronic Telegraph
Rupert Miles, Director, beeb@TheBBC
Simon Morris, Marketing director, Direct Network Publishing
Evan Rudowski, Director of European Operations, Excite
Charles Walker, MD, Lycos UK
Martin Turner, MD, CompuServe UK
Justin Walters, Head of The Guardian's new media dept.
Richard Withey, Director of new media, News International
Paul Zeillenberg, MD, Associated New Media

Commentators, consultants and researchers

Steve Bowbrick, Chairman, Webmedia Group
David Bowen, Founder, NetProfit Publications
Charlie Dobres, Consultant and IAB UK general secretary
Phil Dwyer, MD, European Internet Group, Jupiter Communications
Robert Hamilton, Creative Consultant, Bandwidth
Ivan Pope, runs Internet domain name company NetNames
William reeve, Director, Fletcher Research
Nigel Shardlow, Principal, The Fourth Room
Narda Shirley, runs Gnash a PR agency specialising in new media


Ajaz Ahmed, Owner of digital agency AKQA
Mike Beeston, MD, CHBi Razorfish
Martin Chilcott, Chairman of Clarity Communications
Hester Bloch, Account Manager, Zinc
Bant Breen, Digital communications director, Leo Burnett
Mark Fowle, UK MD, USWeb
Mike Crossman, MD, Bates Interactive
Mark Curtis, Strategic solutions director, Razorfish UK
Tim Hayward, Digital media strategist, HHCL and Partners
Richard Davies, Director, Good Technology
Alastair Duncan, MD, APL Digital
Clive Jackson, MD of new media agency Global Beach
Phil Jones, Runs new media company Real Time Studio
David King, MD, Icon Medialab UK
Jane Ostler, Managing partner, MindShare Digital
Ross Sleight, Strategy director, BMP InterAction
Chris Rayner, New media director, BMP InterAction
Simon Sadie, Director of innovation at Mediapolis

Nigel Sheldon, MD, MindShare Digital
Steve Smith, runs IXL London
Mark Westall/Keld van Schreven, run digital agency Hard Reality
Alun Howell/Marcus Vinton, joint creative directors, advertising & digital
comms, O&M
Felix Verlade, Director, Head New Media
Andrew Walmsley, Head of digital media, BBH
Eamonn Wilmott, MD and president, Agency.com Europe

Online advertising

Tim Brown, MD, RealMedia
Richard Holman, MD, New Media Marketing and Sales
Andy Mitchell, MD, DoubleClick UK
Gordon Simpson, Cheif executive, InterAd

Clients and online businesses

Ricky Adar, founded and runs digital music company Cereberus
Christopher Codrington, MD and Marketing Director IMVS
Frederic Colas, Head of P&G Interactive, Europe
Julian Costley, Chief executive, Electronic Share Information and E-Trade
Sherry Leigh Coutu, Chairman of Interactive Investor International
Mark Danby, General manager, Freeserve
Simon Darling, ex-Interactive marketing & e-commerce manager at Unilever
Patrick Burton, Vice-president global media and brand communication, Allied
Julia Groves, Digital channels manager, British Airways
Keith Girling, Head of channel development, Co-op Bank
Brian Greasley, Head of product development, Cellnet
Peter Ingwersen, Brand mnanager, Premium, Levi Strauss EMEA
Tim Jackson, Founder and chief executive of online auctioneer QXL
Herbert Kim, in charge of marketing Bertlesmann's online bookselling operations
Will Lovegrove, New media manager, Ministry of Sound
Simon Murdoch, Managing director of Amazon.co.uk
Colin Macklin, Consultant and industry marketing director, Broadvision
Eva Pascoe, Founder/director of Cyberia Group, director of new media at Arcadia
Nick Preece, Head of new media, Bass Brewers
Jeremy Silver, Vice-president interactive media, EMI
Danny Van Emden, Creative and multimedia director, Virgin Records
Matthew Timms, New media manager, Vauxhall
Colin Whittle, Head of electronic channels, Nationwide

Power Players

James Ackerman, Chief executive, British Interactive Broadcasting
Marcus Bicknell, President, CMG Information services, Europe
David Edmonds, Oftel regulator
Andrew Curry, Controller, Interactive Television, Cable & Wireless
Niall Fitzgerald, Chief executive/joint chairman, Unilever
Richard Foan, MD, ABC//electronic
Anne Jamieson, Director, pricejamieson recruitment consultants
Hermann Hauser
Peter Mandelson!!
Martin Sorrell, Chief executive, WPP
John Swingewood, Director of BT's internet & multimedia services division
Benjy the Biker Dog, New media's top dog runs the show at digital agency

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