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Subject: Re: UKNM: Any I-Marketing historians out there?
From: Steve Bowbrick
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 1999 17:03:09 GMT


I found this history fascinating and got all nostalgic. There was some
stuff missing, so...

My landmarks:

1. Global Network Navigator (GNN)
A *commercial* content web site from O'Reilly Publishing, launched in 93
(can that be true?). Ran sponsored content and *sort of* ads. Died a death
after it was purchased by AOL (for a raft of money - thus bankrolling
O'Reilly's Quixotic GNU-fest). Built around Krol's then-awesome Whole
Internet Guide. Found spooky archaeological traces of GNN via Google


2. Michael Strangelove's 'How to Advertise on the Internet' - October 1994.
A forbidden text. Weird, opinionated and ugly (and that's just the book).
Came in the wake of Canter and Siegel and appeared to legitimise their
practice - Strangelove got lots of hate mail. The book contained - and I
27 resources and services for tracking Internet demographics
7 key tactics for marketing through online conferences
150 Internet resources for advertising and marketing
17 Internet advertising tools explained
144 visual images from the Internet
138 Internet stores and products
(For a complete table of contents, including gems like: 'Mosaic: The Killer
Internet Marketing Application' one was invited to 'Gopher to fonorola.net')

3. Glenn Fleischmann's Internet-Marketing listserv. Cited here during the
great 'should Sam Michel make a living from doing this' debate. There is no
way that I will recall the lifespan of that list (Jim Sterne! Help me
here...) but I seem to remember writing about it for 3W Magazine in early
94? Vital groundwork was done on that list and at the meetings it spawned.

4. One of my personal milestones - Spring 95. I invited Rick Boyce to come
over and talk about Hotwired's new 'banner' model at Internet World London
and he spoke to a small room packed to the doors with alien beings -
advertising-types - while Peter Cochrane from BT addressed a much larger
and almost empty room next door. Was anybody on this list there? (Rick is
still plugging away at Wired Digital).

Sorry about that (indulge me, Sam!)


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