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Subject: UKNM: and while I'm being nostalgic...
From: Steve Bowbrick
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 1999 17:05:36 GMT


Check out this live, working gopher site - actual content delivered via the
gopher protocol (Netscape does gopher. Does Explorer?) If you can't see it,
it's a bit like Popcorn or IMDB only it stops in 1993 :-> Do one of those
brainstorming exercises: imagine a world where the web doesn't exist and
you have to do it all using gopher...

Also, I just remembered that the last time he was over, Jim Sterne said
that one of his first paid-for Internet Marketing assignments was to - and
I quote - "design an FTP site"... (sorry to give away your age, Jim).

(that's it. I promise. No more nostalgia)


PS and while I'm at it: GNN was launched Thu, 7 Oct 1993 and:

"* GNN has 600 (not around, not approximately, but 600 on the
nose) outside links
* GNN has 5,088 internal and external links
* GNN has 44,978 lines, 230,703 words, and 1,918,553
characters. If we printed this out on a printer getting 60
lines per page, we'd see a stack of 749 pages, probably about
3 inches thick."

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