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Subject: RE: UKNM: Revolution's Top 100
From: Leslie Bunder
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 1999 18:52:53 GMT

sssh...don't let the whole world know about bunderlife.com (we're still
in beta with that, and probably will be for the next 2000 years and
getting feedback on what people want to see/expect to see from a quality
personal site). - blimey, someone actually knows about it!

porting slap a spice sounds interesting...(as long as I don't get
slapped all the time!!!)

I'll speak to the folks at Ilumina who do stuff for .tv and they should
be able to help out.

Leslie Bunder, technology writer
Teletext on the Web
e-mail: LBunderatteletext [dot] co [dot] uk
tel: 0171 386 3667 (UK) +44 171 386 3667 (outside UK)
mobile: 07010 701967 (UK) +44 7010 701967 (outside UK)
web: www.teletext.co.uk
post: 101 Farm Lane, Fulham, London SW6 1QJ, UK

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Stefan Magdalinski [SMTP:stefanatisness [dot] org]
> Sent: 25 January 1999 16:27
> To: uk-netmarketingatchinwag [dot] com
> Subject: Re: UKNM: Revolution's Top 100
> Leslie Bunder wrote:
> >
> > thanks for all the info on this! Hopefully within the next week or
> two,
> > i should have worked out the logistics of doing a list based on
> mentions
> > in the UK "new media" media and then we can take it from there.
> >
> > By then we should have a list of all UK media that will be included.
> If
> > there are any left off when the list if presented, then please drop
> me
> > an e-mail.
> Be careful, Leslie. I wouldn't do anything that might interfere too
> much
> with release schedule for the eagerly-awaited bunderlife.com
> But I volunteer to do a port of slap-a-spice-girl, if someone else can
> source the moodily-uplit mugshots of London's Neterati.
> > Also, given that SKY has .tv, if anyone has access to those shows,
> then
> > maybe we should include mentions on that.
> Absolutely. After all, just look at the massed ranks of those for whom
> an appearance on 404 Not Found was the moment they realised "I'm
> there;
> I've made it; I'm a star!!"
> stefan
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> /**
> Stefan Magdalinski 0370 67 70 58
> stefanatisness [dot] org icq: 5261825

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  Re: UKNM: Revolution's Top 100, Stefan Magdalinski

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