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Subject: UKNM: last minute says hotel stay must include December 31st. but it's already passed it!
From: Bunder, Leslie
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2000 17:22:54 GMT

So there am I, happy that i got a great deal from QXL.com for my Nice
business class tickets for only 100 each (thanks QXL for a great auction
with British Midland - and no I have no connection with QXL) and now want to
get a great deal on a hotel in Nice.

So I go to last minute and see there is a deal with Cap Ferrat (06) - Htel
Riviera but rather strangely for a last minute deal it says "Minimum stay
is 2 nights, one of which must be
the 31st of December." But we're already pass 31 December, surely they
don't mean 31 december 2000, as the offers refer to the rooms being
available from 31 Jan 2000 for up to 74 nights. Well, I quickly do my maths
and therefore if you stay til the max, then that only leads you until April,
no where near the stay must inlcude 31st December,

Anyway, a perfect example of losing a potential customer and to add further
to it, when I clicked on another offer, which implied "from January 30",
methinking it was "from January 30" - meaning it was any date after this is
was only for 30 and 31, there was no option to select a "non-smoking room".

So how do people actually manage to book? After this experience it's a
shame that it is so confusing for the customer. Surely we should make it
quick, easy and simple, rather than confusing.


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  Re: UKNM: last minute says hotel stay mu, Ian Fenn

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