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Subject: UKNM: Dotcoms getting shafted by Newspaper owners
From: Andrew M Warner
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2000 19:54:48 GMT

Martin Phillips wrote:
...dot-coms don't have to make a profit, it seems to me, so why

>Agree with the points you make Martin, but we're not all start-ups, some of
us have shareholders who demand a profit! :-o
Many dotcoms have informed people at the helm of their marketing budgets.
Unfortunately some think that marketing=throw a lot of money at advertising
(regardless of whether their site can deliver vs what they are promising).
But you're right, why worry if your dotcompetitors (hey new piece of
jargon!) are wasting loads of dosh? If they keep doing it they'll lose in
the long term. In the meantime, why not buy shares in newspaper owners and
convert some of their cash into yours?....oh, better declare I work for a
division of a company that has some kinda interest in print media....the
value of shares can go up or down, seek the advice of an independent bloke
in an unfashionable suit and brogues before investing your life savings

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