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Subject: Re: UKNM: Firm accused of net name piracy
From: Lee.Rickler
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2000 19:54:59 GMT

the phrase that contains bolt and stable door comes to mind here.

Why do people fall out of their prams when someonme else has a good idea.
It aint illegal, it doesn't harm anyone, so what's their problem?

If I invented Post-it notes should everyone else go around crying "Oh ... I
was gonna do that!"

I'll say it again ... Jesus H. McChristmas!!!!!


MAHAPATRA" To: uk-netmarketingatchinwag [dot] com
LGM.COM> Subject: UKNM: Firm accused of net
Sent by: name piracy
I'm sure alot of you will already have seen this but for those who have not
. . .


A company has been accused of piracy after bulk buying the internet names
of thousands of British villages.

Webhound Ltd spent 75,000 in purchasing the valuable 'co.uk' versions of
15,000 village names.

The company paid 5 for each name from the UK licensing authority Nominet
and has now offered to sell them back to village groups at a minimum cost
of 500 each.

The move has infuriated politicians and community representatives who have
demanded a review of internet name licensing.

But Webhound has denied the accusations and said it saw itself as a web
"pilot" and not a "pirate".

In a statement on its website, company director Angie Barrow said it was
policy not to give anyone a discount on the registered names and she "did
not care" what the world thought of its actions.

Names included in the buy-up included the famous Scottish villages of
Bannockburn, where Robert the Bruce defeated the English, and Crathie,
where the Royal Family attends church when at Balmoral.

The sale only came to light when people in the Scottish village of Balfron
sought to register the name 'Balfron.co.uk', only to find that Webhound got
there first.

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